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The Digital Information Driver's License (DIDL) is an online tool that provides the quickest, easiest, least expensive, and most complete way to prove you have the computer skills that are needed in any other environment and in any industry.

Just like a driver's license proves that a person can operate a vehicle, the Digital Information Driver's License™ proves that a person can operate a computer. DIDL has two levels of certification:

Essential Certification at the DIDL Jumpstart site

Master Certification at the DIDL Master site
Jumpstart Login
   Master Login   

Each level builds upon skills learned in previous levels. Click on the Empowerment button to see how.

Why do I need the DIDL?
Which DIDL license do I need?
  • Ask yourself these questions:

    • Have I read the instructions that come with the software I use? Have I missed something?
    • Could I take better pictures on my phone, or could I use the pictures I have taken in other things if I understood the settings? Am I inefficienct?
    • Am I dependent on the store geeks, a friend, my kids, or anyone else to fix problems on my computer? Am I dependent?
    • Have I lost time and energy redoing anything on my computer because I lost it? Have I wasted time?
    • Is there an irritating setting or default that could easily be changed but I don’t know how? Am I frustrated?
    • Have I fully used all the programs that I have on my computer? Do I underutilize my computer?
    • Just like I wouldn't buy an expensive race car and give it to my grandmother to drive to the grocery store, am I using my computer to it's full potential? Am I wasting resources?

    Because technology has become more and more intuitive, most people can pick up a computer and make it work to some extent, especially with the things they want to do. But you don’t know what you don’t know. Are you missing out on what you could create if you knew all the options?

    Are you creating inefficiency, dependence, wasted time, frustration, underutilization, and waste of resources by not reading the instructions? If so, you need the DIDL.

    The Digital Information Driver’s License shortens the instructions. It has been systematically designed to provide the least amount of information you would need to be an efficient, independent, resourceful computer user. In addition, it tests you on a wide variety of applications to certify you can produce products in many applications. It exposes you to what can be done with a computer.

  • DIDL Essential
    The Essential gets you started on fundamental operations in work environments.  It is located at our DIDL Jumpstart site.

    •  Computer Basics
    •  File and Folders
    •  Internet
    •  Word Processing
    •  Spreadsheets
    DIDL Master
    The Master gives you all the tools to be creative in work environments and to increase productivity. It is located at our DIDL Master site.

    •  Graphics
    •  Presentations
    •  Database
    •  Desktop Publishing

  •  Mastery Learning

     Online Format

     Modular Design


    DIDL students can’t fail because of the mastery format that requires them to try, try again until they succeed.

    The DIDL is packaged in a self-paced, online format. Students direct themselves through the parts they need, create the products on their own computer, and upload their work. The process is designed to accurately facilitate AND demonstrate a student's ability to succeed in online learning.

    Students can go straight to the tests and don’t have to wade through any instructions for what they already know.

    The units knit together just enough material to empower the person with digital information in creating solutions AND handling frustrating problems. The units provide functional information about the topic along with weaving in an overall understanding of how to control digital information. Click here to see how.

    Click the below link to see all of DIDL's features.


    For enrollment information email Dr. Nancy Hadley at nancy.hadley@empconcepts.com.