Empowerment Concepts

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DIDL Empowerment

The process creates an empowered individual with regard to technology!

At the end of each section, students are asked to reflect and connect their learning about digital information. So instead of learning unrelated skills about various software products, students develop a genuine understanding about the nature of digital information and how to manipulate it.

The Essential Certification covers Computer Basics through Spreadsheets.

  •  Computer Basics - The foundation is laid in this unit, and digital information is defined as zeros and ones. The schemes for translating and displaying digital information are explained.
  •  Files and Folders - Students master housekeeping tasks for organizing and storing digital information on various storage devices.
  •  Internet - The methods for moving, evaluating, and sharing digital information through the airwaves are demystified, and guidelines for security are discussed.
  •  Word Processing - Application program controls and option settings that are commonly available in most programs are emphasized, as students design documents and store the digital information in particular locations. Functions are introduced.
  •  Spreadsheets - Students manipulate digital information with speed and accuracy, utilizing functions and calculations. "What if" questions are explored.

  • The Master Certification continues with Graphics through Desktop Publishing.

  •  Graphics - Students extend their knowledge of file sizes and formats of digital information as they learn to digitize with a scanner and digital camera and then incorporate those products into documents.
  •  Presentations - Digital information becomes a medium for expression as students incorporate animations, extend their digitizing skills to sounds and movies, and control timing and sequencing of events with action buttons to create stimulating slide show presentations.
  •  Database - Students unlock the power of organizing digital information through sorting and reporting in database software and discover the ease with which they can combine word processing and database functions in mail merge to create mass mailings and labels.
  •  Desktop Publishing - Students put it all together as they combine different kinds of digital information such as text and graphics from various application programs into a single, professional-looking publication, emphasizing layouts and taking advantage of preformatted designs.

It is designed so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.