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The Digital Information Driver's License (DIDL) is an online tool that provides the quickest, easiest, least expensive, and most complete way to prove you have the computer skills that are needed in any other environment and in any industry.

Just like a driver's license proves that a person can operate a vehicle, the Digital Information Driver's License™ proves that a person can operate a computer. DIDL has two levels of certification: Essential and Master. Each level builds upon skills learned in previous levels.

The DIDL programs also provide multi-sensory, miltimedia video tutorials and practice tests to help you master the material and achieve DIDL certification. Click the below link to see all of DIDL's features.


Which License Do I Need?

DIDL Essential
The Essential gets you started on fundamental operations in work environments.  It is located at our DIDL Jumpstart site.

  •  Computer Basics
  •  File and Folders
  •  Internet
  •  Word Processing
  •  Spreadsheets
DIDL Master
The Master gives you all the tools to be creative in work environments and to increase productivity. It is located at our DIDL Master site.

  •  Graphics
  •  Presentations
  •  Database
  •  Desktop Publishing

Learn More

For enrollment information email Dr. Nancy Hadley at nancy.hadley@empconcepts.com.